LESSON PLANS 1/14-1/18

MONDAY- Finish Chapter 6 sections 2 and 3 notes due tomorrow

TUESDAY- Copy of each groups notes and distribute to all the groups; handout teacher made copy as well; start Guided reading over notes

WED- Work on guided reading; quiz tomorrow

THURSDAY- Grade guided reading; take quiz

FRIDAY- Do chapter 6 Book Review page 220 #4 (1-7) AND page 221 (1-6)


MONDAY- Reminder Word Wall #5 due Thursday and Test Friday; Read Chapter 6 Lesson 1 pages 194-201; page 201 (1-4)

TUESDAY/WED- Go over page 201(1-4); Start group notes over Chapter 6 Sections 2 and 3; We will compare notes to mine Thursday

THURSDAY- Compare notes to my Chapter 6 notes; Word Wall #5 Due today; WW#5 Test Friday

Friday- Take WW#5 Test; Finish comparing notes and answer Chapter 6 Section 2 and 3 handout


LESSON PLANS 12/10-12/14

MONDAY- Finish Chapter 5 Handout for grade tomorrow

TUESDAY- Pass out Semester Exam Review; Grade Chapter 5 handout; Start Jr scholastic handout

WED.- Remind of Semester Exam review and day of test for each class; Work on Scholastic

THURSDAY/FRIDAY- Go over Exam as a review; Finish up of Scholastic handout



Lesson Plans 12/3-12/7

MONDAY- Take retake of Canadian handout; read and work on chapter 5 lesson 1 page 171 (1-5); read chapter 5 Lesson 2 page 181 (1-5)

TUESDAY- Continue working on Chapter 5 Sections 1 and 2

WED. Finish Chapter 5 Lesson 1 page 175 (1-5) and pg 181 (1-5); Read Chapter 5 Lesson 3

THURSDAY- Grade Chapter 5Lessons 1 and 2; Read Lesson 3 and start Chapter 5 handout; prepare for possible quiz over lesson 3

FRIDAY- Work on Chapter 5 handout; Quiz over lesson 3 of Chapter 5

MONDAY- finish working on Chapter 5 handout

LESSON PLANS 11/26-11/30

MONDAY- Finish Jr. Scholastic handout (grade tomorrow); Put code to Junior Scholastic F9JKM2N this code of is the entire year; Pass out Word Wall #5 DUE- 1/10 TEST 1/11

TUESDAY- Grade Jr Scholastic; Pass out Canadian Provinces and Territories Map to color and label for Test Friday; Start Canadian Geography handout

WED.- Work on Canadian Handout GRADE TOMORROW; Read Chapter 5 Lesson 1 and do page 175 (1-5)

THURSDAY- Grade Canadian Handout; Remind of Test tomorrow; Finish page 175 1-5.

FRIDAY- Test over 13 Provinces and Territories of Canada; Read Chapter 5 Lesson 2 and begin page 181 (1-5)

LESSON PLANS 11/5-11/9

MONDAY- Offer corrections for failed Jr. Scholastic handout due Thursday; Finish Labeling Key Place Map by tomorrow for a grade.

TUESDAY- Grade Labeling of Key Places map and highlighting; Take Map Test; Begin working of Geography and Culture handout

WED.- Work on Geography and culture handout

THURSDAY- Take up Jr. Scholastic corrections; grade Geography and culture handout; introduce foldable

FRIDAY- Work on foldable;

LESSON PLANS 10/29-11/2

MONDAY- Work on Jr. Scholastic Handout; Remind that Word Wall #4 is due 11/15 and TEST 11/16

TUESDAY- Finish Jr. Scholastic for grade tomorrow; Explain Labeling KEY PLACES on to a map for a grade; Will have a test over Key Places next Tuesday

WED- EARLY RELEASE- Work on Scholastic or KEy Places map

THURSDAY- Grade Jr. Scholastic- Work on Key Places Map- TEST TUESDAY

FRIDAY- Finish up Key places (due Monday); Start Geography and Culture handout

MONDAY- Grade Key Places and study for test tomorrow; work on Geography and Culture handout

TUESDAY- Key Places MAP TEST; finish Geography and Culture HAndout

LESSON PLANS 10/15-10/19

MONDAY- Graded Jr. Scholastic and Map skills; Work on Chapter 3 Lesson 1 handout; Word Wall #3 is due this Thursday the 18th (They have had 3 weeks to do the definitions) TEST is Monday- first grade of new nine weeks

TUESDAY- Complete Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Handout; Go over key terms for Chapter 3; Assign Map Skills from the book page 122 (1-3), 123 (1-3), 124 (1-3), 125 (1-3), 126 (1-3);

WED. Finish Unit 2 Map Skills from book; grade today or tomorrow;

THURSDAY- Grade Map Skills 2; Check Word Wall #3; Test over Word Wall #3 Monday


LESSON PLANS 10/8-10/12

MONDAY- Chapter 2 Test; Complete chapter 2 handout and Population Density handout for grade tomorrow

TUESDAY- Grade Chapter 2 handout and Population Density handout;  Read “The Bling King” from Jr. Scholastic

WED./THURSDAY/FRIDAY- Work of Jr. Scholastic MAp Skills page 17 and page 21 in composition Notebook; Answer Jr. Scholastic Handout and study words to know as well.; Read “Out Of The Cave”; reminder Word Wall #3 is due 10/18 and TEST 10/19



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