LESSON PLANS 11-8/11-12

MONDAY- Complete any late or retakes of the Religions Project, fill in Religions symbol ; Passout Jr Scholastic Nov. issue

TUESDAY- Work and finish Jr Scholastic handout; complete Word Wall #4 due Thursday and Test Friday

WED. grade Jr Scholastic November Issue; Word Wall #4 due tomorrow and Test Friday; start Map and Almanac handout

Thursday- check Word Wall #4; Test Tomorrow, work on Map and Almanac

FRIDAY- Take Word Wall #4 Test; handout out Word Wall #5; work on Map and Almanac




LESSON PLANS 11/1-11/5

MONDAY- Finish up Project- due tomorrow

TUESDAY- Check everyone’s slide show or Poster/ Start Presenting

WED.- Present


FRIDAY- Anyone absent or had not gone will today; Word Wall #4 due next Thursday 11-11 and TEST 11-12 FRIDAY; start symbols and belief systems handout/ Word find about religions

PROJECT: We have been working on this project for three weeks in class and they could have done it at home as well.  Any failures or incomplete presentations will have work to do for a makeup grade.

LESSON PLANS 10/25-10/29

MONDAY- Handout Adjustments to project and discuss with the class.  Information handout is to be filled out and sources on the back of each religion by 28th, Thursday; Final Project due date is November 2nd and that is when we will start presenting.

TUESDAY- Work on Info handout; Once I have checked Info handout, you may begin working on the final part of project.

WED.- Finish Info Handout, due tomorrow; work on final part of project

THURSDAY- All Information Handout packets are due;  Work on Final project

FRIDAY- work on Final part of project that is due next Tuesday, 11-2; Word Wall #4 is due 11-11th AND TEST 11-12

LESSON PLANS 10-18/10-22

MONDAY- No school

Tuesday-grade Jr Scholastic handout; Introduce Religions Project with certain due dates- Project due 10-28th; Paper signed by tomorrow

WED.- Start project; return papers signed;

Thursday- Work on Project

Friday- information handout due Monday; Finish filling in information handout; start making you final project due 28th,

LESSON PLANS 10-11/10-15

MONDAY- Fill in 9 weeks test review; Start Jr Scholastic handout

TUESDAY- 9 week test Tomorrow; Work on Scholastic handout; Word Wall #3 due Thursday and Test Friday

WED- take 9 week test; continue with Jr Scholastic handout, reminder of Word wall due tomorrow and test Friday

THURSDAY- Word Wall #3 due; Test tomorrow; finish Jr Scholastic

FRIDAY- Take WW#3 Test; hand out Word Wall #4; Grade Jr Scholastic Tuesday


LESSON PLANS 10-4/10-8

MONDAY- Complete the Chapter 3 Handout and start Ch 3 Book Review; Grade Ch 3 handout and fill out Religions handout to use a source later

TUESDAY- Complete Chapter 3 Book Review pages 116-117; pg 116 #4 (1-3) AND page 117 (1-6); Work on Word Wall #3

WED- Grade Book Review; Work on Chapter 3 Lesson 1,2,3 Quiz’s using book;

THURSDAY- Complete all section quiz’s; Review for Chapter 3 Test tomorrow

FRIDAY- Take Chapter 3 Test; Read Chapter 4 Lesson 1

LESSON 9-27/10-1


These are the lesson plans for 9-27 thru 10-1:  DO NOT work ahead.


MONDAY- Grade Jr. Scholastic; start Chapter 3 Lesson 1- cover the section and start handout by doing pages 5-6

TUESDAY- Finish Chapter 3 Lesson 1 and start lesson2

WED. Complete lesson 2 in handout pages 7-8; take notes over the Religions of the World; handout Religions of the World handout

THURSDAY- Complete the World Religions handout; finish lesson 2- read lesson 3

FRIDAY- Finish Lesson 3 in handout and sum up Chapter 3; ONLY start Chapter 3 Review in the book if we have completed all other info.  Chapter 3 Review page 116-117; page 116 do number 4 (1-3) AND page 117 (1-6) in comp book- we will finish Monday


LESSON PLANS 9/20-9/24

LESSON PLANS 9/20-9/24

MONDAY- Review for Latitude and Longitude Test by going over the test in class; Introduce students to Junior Scholastic and give the code they need all year; code is : WOMSSCOPE   Remember we do Junior Scholastic in SS NOT SCOPE magazine.

TUESDAY- Take Latitude and Longitude Test (9 wk test); Work on Word Wall #3 afterwards;

WED.- Early Release- Work of Word Wall #3; view Jr Scholastic

THURSDAY- Practice with everyone signing onto Junior Scholastic on computer;  We will always use the magazine in class but have to use internet outside of class to pull up the online copy of that months issue; Work on Jr Scholastic handout

FRIDAY- continue to work and complete Jr Scholastic handout; work on Word wall #3 afterwards; Read Chapter 3 Lesson 1 if all caught up with work;

LESSON PLANS 9/6-9/10 AND 9/13-9/17


TUESDAY-Take 5 Themes of Geography Test; Foldable Due today; Work on Geography#1 handout

WED.- Pass out Latitude and Longitude Notes- start lecture; Go Over Geography #1 handout; Handout Map Projections handout

THURSDAY- Continue to work on Map Projections; Reminder of Word Wall #2 due next Thursday Test next Friday

FRIDAY- Complete Map Projections handout- due Monday; Work on Word Wall #2

LESSON PLANS 9/13-9/17

MONDAY-Grade Map Projections handout; Pass out Lat/Long PRACTICE sheet; Explain the handout

TUESDAY-  Work on PRACTICE sheet-due thursday

WED. Work on PRACTICE hanodut; due tomorrow; handout TEST REVIEW- due Monday

THURSDAY- Word Wall #2 due; Grade PRACTICE handout; work on Test Review

FRIDAY- WORD WALL #2 Test; handout Word Wall #3; finish Test Review


Please check your students calendar they are to write on everyday they enter my room.  We are having some students missing school and it is causing me to spread things out more than usual.

MONDAY- Tutoring for Word Wall #1 Retake this morning and Tuesday a.m.; 5 Themes of Geography Test will be Friday, Complete Chapter 1 Lesson 4 handout and start Chapter 1 Review pg 50 #4 (1-6) and pg 51 #3,5,6,7

TUESDAY- Last day got retake on Word Wall #1 during morning (7:20 a.m.) or enrichment; Go over Chapter 1 Lesson 4 together in class checking for understanding; Finish Chapter 1 Review pg 50 #4 1-6 and 51 #3,5,6,7

WED. Review for Themes of Geography Test Friday, Grade Chapter 1 Review, Start foldable over 5Themes of Geography

THURSDAY- Quick review for 5 Themes of Geography due to test tomorrow; work on Foldable

FRIDAY- Take 5 Themes of Geography Test, Complete Foldable; Work on Word Wall #2 due 9-16 Test 9-17

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