MONDAY- IM OUT OF CLASS THIS DAY- Finish Jr Scholastic and will grade tomorrow; Start Chapter 4 handout pages 1-5

TUESDAY- Grade Jr Scholastic- Do chapter 4 handout pages 1-5; read Chapter 4 lesson 2

WED- Complete Chapter 4 lesson 1 pages 1-5 and grade; read Lesson 2 and start working in handout

THURSDAY- Work on Chapter 4 handout lessons 2 and 3

FRIDAY- Complete Chapter 4 handout and grade the handout; STAAR testing next week- bring snacks (not cheesy snacks)


Copy of ALL the project paperwork is located in google classroom for anyone to view and work on!!

Monday- Take “Grapes of Wrath” Test; Pass out rules of project, Dues Dates during the project, Notes of 4 Indian Groups; Handout Chapter 11 packet and tell what they will work on tomorrow: Voc. Builder; Color Map, Ch 11 Lesson 2 over Inca; All papers signed work is due Wed., Groups are OPTIONAL and up to the student!! Supplies are due Monday

TUESDAY- Reminder of papers due tomorrow signed; Complete Voc Builder, color map; Ch 11 Lesson 2 guided reading in the handout; Read pages 360-365 over the Inca

WED- Check for signature on papers; reminder supplies are due Monday; Work on “filling in notes”; handout Indian Project paper selecting partner and topic;

THURSDAY- Fill in Notes; Reminder all supplies due Monday

FRIDAY- Complete filling in notes; Start doing rough draft work in google docs; DO NOT SHARE rough draft with me!! Only share the final copy with me once I see it first; Supplies due Monday;

Dates may need to be moved and adjusted.


MONDAY- Word Wall #7 due; Test tomorrow; Review for the test with the class; Complete Chapter 6 Handout pages 1-7

TUESDAY- Quick Review; Take Word Wall #7 Test; Pages 1-7 are due tomorrow for grade;  Word Wall #8 is the last page in your Chapter 6 handout;

WED- finish up covering pages 6-7 as a class going through section 2; EXTRA CREDIT OFFER- you may do pages 11-14 due Friday;

THURSDAY- Assign Chapter 6 Lesson 3 reading and covering guided reading pages 8-10; not homework

FRIDAY- EXTRA CREDIT DUE; Finish Chapter 6 Lesson 3 pages 8-10 and go over as a class; Start Chapter 6 BOOK REVIEW pages 220 #4 (1-7) AND page 221 (1-6); Not Homework, we will work on it Monday as well.

LESSON PLANS 1/31-2/4 (click on lesson plans in google classroom to see all the work)

MONDAY-If missed school Friday see me for Chapter 5 Test; Do UNIT 2 pages 122-126 (1-3 on each page number) 15 total questions; Read Chapter 6 section 1 and start page 201 (1-4); REMINDER Word Wall #7 due Thursday and TEST FRIDAY;

TUESDAY- Grade Unit 2 work; Complete Chapter 6 section 1 reading and answer page 201 (1-4); Handout Chapter 6 Handout; Start Voc. Builder by doing pages 1-3;

WED- Complete and grade page 201 (1-4); Fill in Lesson 1 guided reading in handout pages 4-5; Word Wall #7 due tomorrow and TEST Friday

THURSDAY- Word Wall #7 due and Test tomorrow; Cover 6-1 guided reading together in class; Kahoot for test tomorrow

FRIDAY- Take Word Wall #7 Test and handout Word Wall #8; Read Chapter 6 lesson 2 and start guided reading pages 6-7 (not homework);

LESSON PLANS 1/17-1/21


TUESDAY- Go over Chapter 5 Lesson 1 (pgs6-8); Prepare for Ch 5Lesson 1 Quiz; work on pages 9-12

WED. Take Chapter 5 Lesson 1 Quiz; Complete pages 9-12; read Chapter 5 Lesson 2

THURSDAY- go over pages 9-12 together; start lesson 2 pages 13-14; quiz 2 tomorrow

FRIDAY- takes Quiz 2; read chapter 5 lesson 3 and do guided reading as you read 15-18 not homework; will finish Monday

LESSON PLANS 11-29/12-3

MONDAY- take notes over 3 branches of government; Reminder of Word Wall #5 due Thursday and test Friday

TUESDAY- If absent Monday, copy notes from the board; Work on 3 branches of government handout- due tomorrow; Create 3 note cards on construction paper I provided;

WED.- Grade 3 branches of government handout; finish 3 note cards; Reminder Word Wall #5 due tomorrow and test Friday; Fill in blanks on handout covering  duties of the 3 branches of government; Start Tree handout

THURSDAY- Grade Word Wall #5 definitions; test tomorrow; Grade note cards and fill in the blanks handout; Take 3 branches of government Test; Finish the tree handout over branches due tomorrow;

FRIDAY- Tree handout is due; Take Word Wall #5 Test; handout Word Wall #6

LESSON PLANS 10/25-10/29

MONDAY- Handout Adjustments to project and discuss with the class.  Information handout is to be filled out and sources on the back of each religion by 28th, Thursday; Final Project due date is November 2nd and that is when we will start presenting.

TUESDAY- Work on Info handout; Once I have checked Info handout, you may begin working on the final part of project.

WED.- Finish Info Handout, due tomorrow; work on final part of project

THURSDAY- All Information Handout packets are due;  Work on Final project

FRIDAY- work on Final part of project that is due next Tuesday, 11-2; Word Wall #4 is due 11-11th AND TEST 11-12

LESSON PLANS 10-11/10-15

MONDAY- Fill in 9 weeks test review; Start Jr Scholastic handout

TUESDAY- 9 week test Tomorrow; Work on Scholastic handout; Word Wall #3 due Thursday and Test Friday

WED- take 9 week test; continue with Jr Scholastic handout, reminder of Word wall due tomorrow and test Friday

THURSDAY- Word Wall #3 due; Test tomorrow; finish Jr Scholastic

FRIDAY- Take WW#3 Test; hand out Word Wall #4; Grade Jr Scholastic Tuesday


LESSON PLANS 9/6-9/10 AND 9/13-9/17


TUESDAY-Take 5 Themes of Geography Test; Foldable Due today; Work on Geography#1 handout

WED.- Pass out Latitude and Longitude Notes- start lecture; Go Over Geography #1 handout; Handout Map Projections handout

THURSDAY- Continue to work on Map Projections; Reminder of Word Wall #2 due next Thursday Test next Friday

FRIDAY- Complete Map Projections handout- due Monday; Work on Word Wall #2

LESSON PLANS 9/13-9/17

MONDAY-Grade Map Projections handout; Pass out Lat/Long PRACTICE sheet; Explain the handout

TUESDAY-  Work on PRACTICE sheet-due thursday

WED. Work on PRACTICE hanodut; due tomorrow; handout TEST REVIEW- due Monday

THURSDAY- Word Wall #2 due; Grade PRACTICE handout; work on Test Review

FRIDAY- WORD WALL #2 Test; handout Word Wall #3; finish Test Review

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