Lesson Plans 4/23-4/27


TUESDAY- Work on Chapter 13 Handout; Read Chapter 13 section 3 and complete 5 voc. terms making the total of vocabulary terms for Chapter 13 to 18

WED. Finish Chapter 13 Handout- grade Thursday; Read Chapter 13 section 3 and do 5 voc; Color Map over Europe and study for Test over sections of Western Europe and North and Southern Europe #’s 1-21

THURSDAY- Grade Chapter 13 Handout; Complete all Chapter 13 Vocabulary words 18;  1st Map test Monday;

FRIDAY- Finish Coloring Map; Grade Chapter 13 Voc. Terms; Start Chapter 13 Review page 444 (1-9) and Page 445 (1-7)

MONDAY – Grade coloring of map; Complete Chapter 13 Review; Take 1st Map Test over Europe


MONDAY- Grade Chapter 12 Lesson 1; Color Map that is due tomorrow; Work on Chapter 12 Handout the pages I assigned;

TUESDAY- Grade Color Map; Take Map Test; Finish Chapter 12 Handout assigned pages-due Thursday

WED.- TRIP to Camp Gilmont; Others complete assignments left by teachers

THURSDAY- Grade 1st part of Chapter 12 Handout; Work on The remainder of the Chapter 12 Handout

FRIDAY- Complete Chapter 12 Handout; Chapter 12 Test Review

Lesson Plans 3/26-3/30 AND 4/2 & 4/3

MONDAY- Grade Chapter 10 Book Review; Work on Chapter 10 Test Review; Test tomorrow

TUESDAY- Turn in Chapter 10 Test Review; Take and Grade Chapter 10 Test; Handout Word Wall #10 along with due date and Test date

WED. Talk about the Great Depression era;  Start Grapes Of Wrath video; Will have a test over the material

Thursday- Continue with the Grapes Of Wrath video; fill out notes


MONDAY- finish the video Grapes of Wrath; discuss how things are now versus the Great Depression era; Handout Out Grapes of Wrath study sheet for test

TUESDAY- Take Grapes of Wrath Test; have discussion; work on Word Wall #10

WED. Start Western Europe

LESSON PLANS 3/5 and 3/9

Monday- Read and answer Chapter 10 lesson 1 assigned question; Reminder of Word Wall #9

TUESDAY- Go over Chapter 10 LEsson 1 assigned questions to rows; Start the first part of Chapter 10 Packet that deals with Vocabulary and Lesson 1

WED. Finish all parts of lesson 1 in the handout; read chapter 10 lesson 2

THURSDAY- Grade 1st part of Ch 10 handout; do lesson 2 part of handout

FRIDAY- Finish lesson 2 part of handout


MONDAY- Finish and grade Chapter 9 handout; start Chapter 9 Quiz

TUESDAY- Finish and grade Chapter 9 Quiz’s and start Chapter 9 Book Review page 322 (1-8) and 323 (1-7)

WED. Finish the Chapter 9 Book Review and grade; Work on Chapter 9 Test REview; Chapter 9 Test is Friday

THURSDAY- Finish and go over the Test review; Test tomorrow

Friday- Take Chapter 9 Test; Work on Word Wall #9

LESSON PLANS 2-19/2-23


Tuesday- Work on Chapter 9 handout;Content Vocabulary, What Do you know, Geography skills activity; Once done do page 309 (1-6)

WED. Finish and grade the assignments from Tuesday

Thursday- Start next part of handout; Guided reading lesson 1, Guided reading lesson 3 and lesso 3 guided question page

FRiday- continue to work on assignments from Thursday and grade today or Monday.


MONDAY- Finish Unit 4 maps on page 286-290; Divide up Chapter 9 Lesson 1 for teacher led discussion on Wed.

TUESDAY- Finish Chapter 9 Lesson 1 discussion for tomorrow

WED. Student led discussion of Chapter 9 Lesson 1

THURSDAY- Start Amazon video with handout to fill out during video

FRIDAY- Finish Amazon video over Amazon and complete handout over video


MONDAY- Finish both short handouts; check Word Wall #7 corrections. Start Chapter 8 Book Review page 280 #4(1-6) AND page 281 (1-6)

TUESDAY- Pass out Chapter 8 Test Review; Grade Both handouts; Finish Chapter 8 Book Review and work on Chapter 8 Test REview

WED. Grade Ch. 8 Book Review and cover Chapter 8 Test Review

THURSDAY- Take Chapter 8 Test; Work on Word Wall #8

FRIDAY- Start Chapter 9 Section 1 reading and review.


MONDAY- Go over Unit 3 handout; Word Wall #7 handout due 1-25 TEST 1-26; Cover Chapter 7 lesson 1 and Panama Handout

TUESDAY- Finish and cover Chapter 7 Lesson 1 handout

WED. Go over Chapter 7 Lesson 1 handout GRADE; Start  chapter 7 Lesson 2

THURSDAY- Finish Chapter 7 Lesson 2

FRIDAY- Start chapter 7 Lesson 3


MONDAY- finish Chapter 7 Lesson 3; Start Chapter 7 Test Review; Chapter 7 Test Thursday

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