MONDAY- Prepare for STAAR tutoring on teams

TUESDAY- Present


THURSDAY- finish presenting in all classes if possible; work on Chapter 11 handout; read new Jr Scholastic

FRIDAY- any presenting left need to be done; Finish Chapter 11 handout; start JR Scholastic APRIL issue- not homework

LESSON PLANS 1/31-2/4 (click on lesson plans in google classroom to see all the work)

MONDAY-If missed school Friday see me for Chapter 5 Test; Do UNIT 2 pages 122-126 (1-3 on each page number) 15 total questions; Read Chapter 6 section 1 and start page 201 (1-4); REMINDER Word Wall #7 due Thursday and TEST FRIDAY;

TUESDAY- Grade Unit 2 work; Complete Chapter 6 section 1 reading and answer page 201 (1-4); Handout Chapter 6 Handout; Start Voc. Builder by doing pages 1-3;

WED- Complete and grade page 201 (1-4); Fill in Lesson 1 guided reading in handout pages 4-5; Word Wall #7 due tomorrow and TEST Friday

THURSDAY- Word Wall #7 due and Test tomorrow; Cover 6-1 guided reading together in class; Kahoot for test tomorrow

FRIDAY- Take Word Wall #7 Test and handout Word Wall #8; Read Chapter 6 lesson 2 and start guided reading pages 6-7 (not homework);

LESSON PLANS 1/10-1/14

MONDAY- take Canadian Map Test; Complete Jr Scholastic (December Issue) due Tuesday; Word Wall #6 due Thursday, Test Friday; Read Chapter 5 Lesson 1

TUESDAY- Grade Jr Scholastic; Handout Chapter 5 Handout; Do Voc. Skills 1-3 AND Geography Skills pages 4-5) due tomorrow and will grade; Read Chapter 5 lesson 1

WED.- Grade Pages 1-5 in Chapter 5 Handout; We will cover Chapter 5 Lesson 1 by doing the guided reading together in the handout pages 6-8. Word Wall #6 due tomorrow and Test Friday;

THURSDAY- Word Wall #6 due and Test tomorrow; Complete Chapter 5 Lesson 1 guided Reading; Do a Kahoot for the Test tomorrow;

FRIDAY- Word Wall #6 Test; Handout Word Wall #7 due 2-3 and Test 2-4;  Start on pages 9-12 in Chapter 5 handout after pages 6-8 are complete,


MONDAY-Teacher work day

TUESDAY- Grade Pearl Harbor handout; Handout Canada territories map to study for test MONDAY; Reminder of Word Wall #6 due 13th and test 14th;

WED/THURSDAY- Work on Jr Scholastic and will grade Friday

FRIDAY- grade JR Scholastic; Work on Word Wall #6; Finish studying for Canada territories test Monday;


LESSON PLANS 11-29/12-3

MONDAY- take notes over 3 branches of government; Reminder of Word Wall #5 due Thursday and test Friday

TUESDAY- If absent Monday, copy notes from the board; Work on 3 branches of government handout- due tomorrow; Create 3 note cards on construction paper I provided;

WED.- Grade 3 branches of government handout; finish 3 note cards; Reminder Word Wall #5 due tomorrow and test Friday; Fill in blanks on handout covering  duties of the 3 branches of government; Start Tree handout

THURSDAY- Grade Word Wall #5 definitions; test tomorrow; Grade note cards and fill in the blanks handout; Take 3 branches of government Test; Finish the tree handout over branches due tomorrow;

FRIDAY- Tree handout is due; Take Word Wall #5 Test; handout Word Wall #6

LESSON PLANS 11-15/11-19

MONDAY- Work on Atlas and Almanac; Retake any failed Word Wall #4 Tests or absent students take the test; Handout Word Wall #5 due 12-2 and test 12-3;

TUESDAY/WED- Continue with Atlas and Almanac- due Thursday

Thursday– Grade Atlas and Almanac; Start Chapter 4 handout

Friday- Work on Chapter 4 Handout

Happy Holidays


LESSON PLANS 11-8/11-12

MONDAY- Complete any late or retakes of the Religions Project, fill in Religions symbol ; Passout Jr Scholastic Nov. issue

TUESDAY- Work and finish Jr Scholastic handout; complete Word Wall #4 due Thursday and Test Friday

WED. grade Jr Scholastic November Issue; Word Wall #4 due tomorrow and Test Friday; start Map and Almanac handout

Thursday- check Word Wall #4; Test Tomorrow, work on Map and Almanac

FRIDAY- Take Word Wall #4 Test; handout out Word Wall #5; work on Map and Almanac




LESSON PLANS 11/1-11/5

MONDAY- Finish up Project- due tomorrow

TUESDAY- Check everyone’s slide show or Poster/ Start Presenting

WED.- Present


FRIDAY- Anyone absent or had not gone will today; Word Wall #4 due next Thursday 11-11 and TEST 11-12 FRIDAY; start symbols and belief systems handout/ Word find about religions

PROJECT: We have been working on this project for three weeks in class and they could have done it at home as well.  Any failures or incomplete presentations will have work to do for a makeup grade.

LESSON PLANS 10-18/10-22

MONDAY- No school

Tuesday-grade Jr Scholastic handout; Introduce Religions Project with certain due dates- Project due 10-28th; Paper signed by tomorrow

WED.- Start project; return papers signed;

Thursday- Work on Project

Friday- information handout due Monday; Finish filling in information handout; start making you final project due 28th,

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