LESSON PLANS 11/5-11/9

MONDAY- Offer corrections for failed Jr. Scholastic handout due Thursday; Finish Labeling Key Place Map by tomorrow for a grade.

TUESDAY- Grade Labeling of Key Places map and highlighting; Take Map Test; Begin working of Geography and Culture handout

WED.- Work on Geography and culture handout

THURSDAY- Take up Jr. Scholastic corrections; grade Geography and culture handout; introduce foldable

FRIDAY- Work on foldable;

LESSON PLANS 10/29-11/2

MONDAY- Work on Jr. Scholastic Handout; Remind that Word Wall #4 is due 11/15 and TEST 11/16

TUESDAY- Finish Jr. Scholastic for grade tomorrow; Explain Labeling KEY PLACES on to a map for a grade; Will have a test over Key Places next Tuesday

WED- EARLY RELEASE- Work on Scholastic or KEy Places map

THURSDAY- Grade Jr. Scholastic- Work on Key Places Map- TEST TUESDAY

FRIDAY- Finish up Key places (due Monday); Start Geography and Culture handout

MONDAY- Grade Key Places and study for test tomorrow; work on Geography and Culture handout

TUESDAY- Key Places MAP TEST; finish Geography and Culture HAndout

LESSON PLANS 10-1/10-5 and 10-8



MONDAY- Anyone absent Friday needs to see me to take the Word Wall #2 Test and get the copy of Word WAll #3 which the due date is OCTOBER 18th and Test OCTOBER 19th (that gives them plenty of time to complete definitions outside of class; Read Chapter 2 Lesson 2 and complete Lesson 2 handout; Read Chapter 2 LEsson 3;  There will be a QUIZ WED over chapter 2 lesson 2;

TUESDAY- Prepare for Quiz tomorrow over Chapter 2 Lesson 2; Go over Chapter 2 Lesson 2 handout; Finish reading Chapter 2 Lesson 3 and work on handout;

WED. Finish chapter 2 lesson 3 handout; Grade lesson 3; Work on Chapter 2 Test Review, Chapter Test Monday; Take Quiz over Lesson 2;

THURSDAY- Complete Chapter 2 Test Review; Chapter 2 Test is Monday

FRIDAY- Review for Test on Monday; Work on Word Wall #3 if you are all caught up

MONDAY- 10-8; Test Review is due and Take Chapter 2 Test

Lesson Plans 9-24 / 9-28

MONDAY- Work on Chapter 2 Lesson 1 handout; REMINDER of WORD WALL 2 due this Thursday and test this Friday!!!  Students have had 3 weeks to write 21 definitions.

TUESDAY- Finish Chapter 2 Lesson 1 handout and grade Wed.; Read Chapter 2 Lesson 2

WED. Grade Chapter 2 Lesson 1 handout; Read Chapter 2 Lesson 2 and begin Guided Reading

THURSDAY- Grade Word Wall #2; Test Tomorrow; Have a review for the test tomorrow. Continue Lesson 2 and 3;

FRIDAY- Take Word Wall #2 Test; Begin Word Wall #3 due 10/18 and Test 10/19

I write on the board everyday what we do in class.  Please check your students planner in case something changes during the week.

Lesson Plans 9-17/9-21

Please check your child’s planner everyday to check for changes and adjustments during the week.

MONDAY- Go over Chapter 1 Test Review, Read the test to the students as a review; Ch 1 Test tomorrow; Work on Labor Day handout when done with review; Review is due tomorrow; Word Wall #2 definitions due 27th and test 28th.

TUESDAY- Take Chapter 1 Test; Chapter 1 Test Review due; Finish Labor Day Handout

WED. Grade Labor Day handout; Complete Geography 1 handout; Read Chapter 2 Lesson 1

THURSDAY- Read Chapter 2 lesson 1 and work on handout-

FRIDAY- Work on Chapter 2 Lesson 1 handout


MONDAY-  Word Wall #1 Retake in morning; Grade Scholastic Jr handout; Give lecture over LAt. and Long, and hemispheres, Reminder Word Wall #2 is due 9-27 and Test on 9-28

TUESDAY- Take universal screener not a grade; Begin work on Lat./Long handout in class;

WED.  Work on lat/Long handout; Start chapter 1 Book Review page 50 #4 (1-6) AND page 51 (1-5);

THURSDAY- Finish Lat/Long handout and grade; Work on Chapter 1 Book Review.  Chapter 1 Test is Tuesday

FRIDAY- Finish Test Review of chapter 1 in book; Handout Chapter 1 Test Review

MONDAY- Go Over Chapter 1 Test Review

TUESDAY- Take Chapter 1 Test; Start Labor Day handout

PLEASE Always check your students planner in case of plans changing.  I write on my board everyday of what we are covering and what is coming up!!!!!


MONDAY- Each group presents their part of the 5 themes of Geography; Teacher will cover all the material for the class after each group presents;

TUESDAY- Finish any group presentation from Monday; Start Chapter 1 Lesson 3 Handout

WEDNESDAY- Finish Chapter 1 Lesson 3 Handout and cover (grade); Introduce Junior Scholastic magazine; Handout Junior Scholastic handout; Each student can log into junior scholastic on their computer

THURSDAY- Work on handout

FRIDAY- Finish and grade junior scholastic handout; introduce foldable for 5 themes of geography and begin to work.


8/16 AND 8/17 Parents and students,

If you need to contact me then please use e-mail for the quickest response.  Please make sure to put the students and parents full name and a phone number I can call back as well.  Inform me what your concern is so I can be prepared when I call you back or e-mail.  Everyone should sign up for my blog posts, as these posts will have the assignments, test dates, and other information you need to know about.  I look forward to teaching your kids about our interesting world.  It is the students job to write down in their planner every single day they enter my class.  They are to copy this information word for word and have you as the parent look at it and initial it showing me that you are aware of what is going on in class.  This is a mandatory requirement and will result is a grade and it is also looked at for award parties, so please make sure your child is coping my board daily and you initial it as well.

THURSDAY:  Take supplies up; cover school and classroom rules; inform students of award parties they can attain throughout the year; go over that every child copies assignments from the board and have parents initial at least once a week; Cover the rules about our classroom journal and its upkeep, major test grade; Explain the use of the computer in my class, each student will have a copy of the textbook available to them through their chrome book; I do not have copies of books, it is all online and you do not have to have internet to read it;  Cover regular grades and test grades; cover word walls and the consequences for not doing them; Policy on lying and cheating DO NOT DO IT!!!  If you copy you will receive two zeros and detention after school and you can not make up cheating grades;  If you fail a test or make a zero, you have one night to correct it and bring to me the NEXT SCHOOL DAY completed and signed by the parent!!!

FRIDAY- Finish introduction procedures; TAKE UP SUPPLIES; go to library and get NEW Chrome Books; Receive instructions on how to download book today if time allows.

8-20/ 8-24

MONDAY: FINISH SUPPLIES: Continue on preparing classroom journal, notebook, filling envelope, classroom folder; ETC; Practice signing up on your computer to read the textbook. Whenever you are reading out of the text and come across a bold term then you are to write that word down and write the definition behind it.  You can do your word walls this way a lot of times.

TUESDAY:  Talk about Self-Flag and work on it; Cover Word Wall #1 and due date along with Test date;  Explain the way to do the journal AGAIN; Start reading Chapter 1 Lesson 1 and explain to the class how we do sections from the chapters throughout the year.  Have students start taking notes on own/ I will go over the correct way to take notes in class for the year.

WED. Continue to read and taking notes over Ch1 Section 1; After taking notes then need do Chapter 1 Sections 1 page 21 (1-5); Once you are done, compare your work to others around you.

THURSDAY- Finish Chapter 1 Section 1; Cover together as a class; Read Chapter 1 section 2 by reading first then doing notes; Then Ill put you in a small group and let you all compare each others notes and come up with best possible notes; Then you can start on page 31 (1-5) in your group;

FRIDAY- Continue working on Section 2 notes and questions; Word Wall #1 is due 8/30 ,Test 8/31


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