TUESDAY- Work on Chapter 13 Handout; Read Chapter 13 section 3 and complete 5 voc. terms making the total of vocabulary terms for Chapter 13 to 18

WED. Finish Chapter 13 Handout- grade Thursday; Read Chapter 13 section 3 and do 5 voc; Color Map over Europe and study for Test over sections of Western Europe and North and Southern Europe #’s 1-21

THURSDAY- Grade Chapter 13 Handout; Complete all Chapter 13 Vocabulary words 18;  1st Map test Monday;

FRIDAY- Finish Coloring Map; Grade Chapter 13 Voc. Terms; Start Chapter 13 Review page 444 (1-9) and Page 445 (1-7)

MONDAY – Grade coloring of map; Complete Chapter 13 Review; Take 1st Map Test over Europe