If you ever need to get in contact with me, please send me a short e-mail with the students full name and your full name, as well include a contact number and an e-mail I can use to get in touch with you.  Please inform me what the call is concerning so I can have all the information in front of me when I get in touch with you.  Failure to give me all this information will only slow the process up of addressing the issue.   Please sign up for my blog so you can be up to date with any and all changes.  I look forward to teaching your children about things around the world but more importantly how great we have things in the United States.

THURSDAY- Take supplies up; cover school and classroom rules; inform the students of the awards they can possibly attain, cover journal upkeep throughout the school year in my class; Talk about the textbook on the computer each child is given, Homework and Test grades; Materials you need for my class everyday; Please check your child’s planner everyday and sign, (not initial like it asks); Policy on lying and cheating- DO NOT DO IT :).

FRIDAY- Finish introduction procedures; Start your self-flag that will hang in the hall this year; Pass out Word Wall #1 and tell the expectations/


MONDAY-Explain Word Wall #1 due date is 8/31 while the test is Friday 9/1; This must be done in the journal and labeled in the table of contents that I will show examples of; Read Chapter 1 Section 1 and cover with the class how we do things in the chapter and sections all year, must know how to do the assessments of each chapter and section; We will practice on how to properly takes notes for not only this class but in life; Must be keeping up with journal entries;

TUESDAY- Finish Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes; Then after the notes you need to answer the assessment questions for Chapter 1 Section 1 page 21 (1-5); Compare your work with others around you once you have finished and shown me the work.

WED.- COVER HOW TO ALWAYS WRITE THE TERMS IN BOLD AND THEIR DEFINITIONS; Talk as a class about Chapter 1 section 2 notes;  Continue on with Chapter 1 Section 2 reading and then do page 31 (1-5) in a small group. will finish it up tomorrow.

THURSDAY- Complete chapter 1 section 2 (1-5) in small group; FYI- Word Wall #1 due next Thursday AND Friday is Word Wall Test #1

FRIDAY- Test reminder; Start on Map Skills located on pages 4-13. Do these in your journal the way I show you.  Not homework; Universal screener coming next week.